Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chase your dreams..they are all you've got

Do you remember the list of things you wanted to be “when you grew up”? Now that youre all “grown up”,are you everything that you wished you would turn out to be? Chances are, like grown ups usually end up doing, you made a series of compromises and traded off most or all of your dreams to become something that is far less than you wished to be as a child. But does it really have to be that way?
There may be a number of reasons why you discarded your dreams and settled for a “lesser’ life. I refer to it as such because if your life is nothing close to what you hoped it would be once you stopped taking your parents’ or elders’ advice about everything, you are actually living a “lesser” life.
A life that is presently not the life you dreamt of once upon a time, is a lesser life.
If you really sit down and think of what you really want in life, of what would really make you happy, you may have one definite answer or a list of answers that you could prioritise and still achieve – no matter what your current situation in life is. I’m addressing EVERYONE here. I’m talking to the teenager who hopes to be Miss Universe someday, the CA student who secretly wishes to be a cartoonist, a 50 year old who wishes to learn dancing and perform on stage someday, a salaried employee who wishes to be a millionaire someday.

Why do we let go of our dreams so easily…almost as soon as they are born in our being?
Unfortunately, your circle of friends and family members isn’t always the safest place for your dream to thrive. Often, well meaning advice or light hearted teasing could actually discourage a person from following their heart’s desire. For example, almost everyone laughs at the guy who openly says he wishes to be a famous movie star someday. The fear of such negative reactions makes people keep their desire a secret rather than have it insensitively shot down by people whose opinions really matter.

Napoleon Hill highlighted in his book, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Chase your dreams. They are all you've got.